Saturday, November 23, 2013

Purchases - October 2013

Ok, long time no blog. I don't know why. I've just been out of it lately.
I thought I'd take a page out of Amber's book, because her blog is so amazing and very helpful in many ways. I thought it was such a great idea to go over your purchases in a span of time. I hope she won't mind my being inspired by her. This way, I can be more conscious of my spending and also keep a lid on unnecessary purchases if I'm actively thinking over what I bought and did I need it, things like that. Besides, I already keep a spreadsheet of what I spend my money on, so I figured I might as well share it; the items I bought, not the spreadsheet, because that would be snooze-ville. Plus this gives me a better visual as opposed to line items and dollar values.
It's pretty late into November already, but I'll start with the previous month, which is October, and pretty soon, I'll post up November's purchases, aka: what items were worthy of my disposable income.
Somehow I ended up with quite a few H&M pieces. I haven't been shopping much there this year, but somehow their online sales just lured me in.

Ok, let's start with tops, since that is how I put together this somewhat boring collage.

From left to right, top to bottom:

H&M Top with Lace Yoke, Black, sz. XS 
I honestly really didn't need this. Lately, they've had a few 30% off coupon codes with free shipping, and I had ordered some super stinkin cute baby clothes for a friend who just had a newborn, and I threw in this lace top to get free shipping.
I think the sweetheart shape & the lace neckline & sleeves are so sexy, but you're still all covered up. That's definitely awesome in my book. 
Original Price: $17.94, I paid: $17.94 with 30% off + tax = $13.66

The second time around H&M had 30% off, I was in search of a black blazer that is longer than the one I currently I have, but one that I wouldn't mind beating up while wearing on my commute every day. I was a little concerned, because H&M's clothes can be inconsistent in terms of size (and quality too sometimes) and they do not allow you to return online purchases in store, so I was a little hesitant about ordering a blazer.
I'm glad I did, because this one is of decent weight and it fits well length-wise and in the shoulders. The waist could be a little slimmer, and the sleeves are a little long, but that is the case no matter what sort of jacket I buy. I guess my arms are just short, because I am a short girl. I hope to one day invest a high quality blazer from Theory or something.
Original Price: $49.95, I paid: online promotion price of $20 + tax = $21.75

H&M Silk Blouse, Dark Blue, sz. 2
I am a fan of H&M's blouses, so I decided to give this one a try. I was lacking a navy blue in my blouse collection, and navy blue is my favorite color. I think most (definitely not all) are made with good material, and the polyester ones I have do not irritate my skin, which is very important to me if I'm going to be stuck wearing what I picked out in the morning, confined to my cube for a whole day. Also, they are slim-fitted enough to not look like a sack of fabric thrown on me. They usually have a decent length for my body (I've got a long torso relatively speaking for the size of my frame), and since they are quite fitted and close to my body, they tend not to come untucked from my bottoms. So many blouses I've tried are not long enough for me and come untucked when I sit down or slightly raise my arms. Lately, I've been trying the trick of tucking the bottom of my blouses under the hem of my tank tops, but it hasn't been foolproof for me. I guess I need tighter tank tops.
This blouse in particular is labeled 100% silk. I'm not entirely sure the silk is the best quality, but still feels okay. I appreciate the placket that hides the buttons and the look is more seamless. It says it's okay to machine wash, but it's quite thin and delicate. I usually ignore the care info, even if it says do not machine wash and throw it in the wash and air dry it, but with this shirt, you need to be careful or put it in your delicate cycle. My blouse is still in decent condition, but after throwing it in the washer just once, if you look for it, you might notice some areas were not as smooth and pristine as when I first purchased it, which is disappointing, because it was not cheap. However it is still useable. Oh well, live & learn.
Original Price: $49.95, I paid: $34.96 with 30% off + tax = $38.02

Urban Outfitters Rottweiler Shirt, sz. M
Ok, this was another unnecessary purchase, but it's pretty darn cute and I got a really good deal. I know, excuses, justification, blah blah. I was in Urban Outfitters purchasing a sweatshirt that my boyfriend wanted and stumbled into the sale/clearance section. I always end up there.
I actually purchased the t-shirt version of this in a men's size Medium, because I couldn't find a smaller size. That's ok, I enjoy the larger fit.
The t-shirt version has a much cuter rottweiler and I don't even like animal graphics. I don't understand why they are popping up everywhere, it's like a disease, especially the multitude of cat stuff.
Original Price: $29.99, I paid: sale price of $9.99 with 50% off all sale items + tax = $5.43

Here's a picture. Does it count as a mini outfit post?
Isn't that a cute pup? I wish I were responsible enough for a pet...and my building would have to allow dogs. I thought I could make it look like the dog was enjoying some tofu soup. Sorry it's blurry, especially on the right, but my camera guy was taking forever and I was eager to sit down and enjoy the spread of Korean dishes.

I had heard everyone saying such good things about these pants, so I decided to pop into Banana Republic and try these on. I need work pants to be of good quality, because I wear slacks all the time to work, thus I wash them all the time. I find that cheaper options do not hold up, and threads come loose, especially at the seams of the seat of the pants. That is definitely NOT attractive. I throw all my pants into the washer and air dry them. I can't pay the prices I pay for pants and let my dryer ruin them.
The 00P was snug on me, but I decided to go with the 0P for a little more comfort and more room in case I have a heavier lunch. Plus, I have thick thighs and hips. It seemed like there was minimal difference between the two sizes, but I'm starting to regret that, because it loosens with wear and there is a bit of butt sag. Oh well, it's not too noticeable, and I doubt anybody looks back there...well they shouldn't, right?
The quality is excellent. The material is nice and thick. The navy color sold out pretty quickly, so I had to hunt it down and exchange for it in store, but luckily I got it, and I'm glad. I've been wearing these about once a week ever since I got them.
One disappointing factor is that the length is short. Duh Joy, they are ankle pants, but ankle pants are usually a good length for my short legs. However, being that they are ankle length and petite fit makes them extra short. Since they are a little shorter than I am used to, I don't know how much longer I can wear these as we get into the colder months, because the length of them makes them awkward to wear with ankle boots, and I can't really see myself tucking these into taller boots. But if you do wear these pants with taller boots for office wear, please let me know and give me some inspiration.
Original Price: $89.50, I paid with 40% off + tax = $58.40
If you need good work pants, I'd say these are a good contender. With Black Friday coming up, I'm sure another sale will come up. The Gap brands always have a lot of sales.

I've long heard good things about these pumps, and I was finally ready to get rid of my beat up old work pumps. I've tried these on in store, but they don't carry size 5.5 and their 6's run a bit long. Even though these pumps are quite narrow, I'd rather stick with the 5.5s. Longer footbeds on pumps slip off me, and I tend to go flying out of my shoe. I think that makes me look somewhat juvenile, like I'm wearing my mother's shoes or something.
They are however, very comfortable, and lined with thick padding. I enjoy the shape and cut of the heel. I prefer round toe pumps to be slightly almond in shape. I also prefer heels on pumps to go straight down and not curve inward at all. I think the shoe has better support that way, but that might just be in my head.
Original Price: $128, I paid with 40% off + tax = $83.52
Ann Taylor has sales all the time. In fact, they are having 40% off full-price purchases right now with code: TAKE40

My old black pumps are in terrible condition, so I was eager to replace those as well. I originally ordered these in black patent as well, but I'm pretty tired of patent leather. Sometimes the shiny finish looks nice. Other times, it is just distracting. Before long, it attracts dust. Also, patent leather has no give, and does not allow for flexibility and comfort. Since I already got the nude pumps in patent leather, I wanted the black ones to be in regular leather. I was planning to simply return the black patent ones in store and order the regular leather ones online another time. However, the sales associate actually found a pair of black plain leather ones in 5.5 in store. They never have size 5.5, so it was my lucky day! I was pretty happy to make the exchange. 
Original Price: $128, I paid with 40% off + tax = $83.52

H&M Knit Slippers, Dark Blue, sz. 5.5-6
another purchase from my H&M order. I have been looking for warmer house shoes. I'm glad I found these, because I have been wearing these everyday. My feet are always cold. These don't entirely keep my feet warm, but still warmer than my feet have been in a long time, since they come up past my ankles. The outer material is a thick cable-knit. Also, they are ridiculously comfortable. They are lined with the softest fluffy fleece-y material, which does flatten out with wear, which is to be expected. The sole has good traction. At first, the rubberiness makes a sticky sound when you walk, but that goes away in about a day or so. 
Original Price: $17.94, I paid $12.56 with 30% off + tax = $13.66

Camouflage Cadet Hat
I only bought this hat off of eBay for a makeshift Halloween outfit, but I quite like it. I wear it sometimes on my days off to keep my head warm. I never thought I'd take such a liking to camo print, but it's grown on me. If you're interested in a low-cost camouflage hat, just type in camouflage cadet hat on eBay. The material is pretty good and the bill is sturdy. That's all I really look for in a hat. For now, this one is a keeper, but I don't know how long I can make use of it in the long run.
Purchased for $10.44's me as a military girl. It makes for a good laugh, lol.

Total spent: $328.40, yeesh. That month, I also sold a total of $156.33 after shipping costs and fees. That comes out to a net of $172.07

Whew, sorry this post is so long. The re-cap was mostly for my benefit. At least, I didn't include all the items I returned, or the items I sold. That would make this way, wayy too long. 

Hope I get back into the swing of things soon. If not to actual outfit blogging, then to re-cap the past couple of months for my own sake, to hold onto some memories. Also, I'll probably post a holiday wishlist soon. That's always fun to do, even though I don't expect anything. I mostly just like making lists for myself. Toodle-oo!