Thursday, August 15, 2013


For work, I pretty much rotate the same items over and over again. I also go very plain and basic most of the time, so I think it's too boring and not worth bothering taking a picture. Surprisingly I actually did take a picture of myself (shameless self-portraits) every single day this past week. I may try to do this on a regular basis. Try, being the operative word.

H&M White Blouse (similar)
Express Pants (black version)
Zara Heels

I've been through quite a few white blouses, not because of quality, but a lot of the ones I've had in the past didn't fit me well. This polyester one from H&M actually feels pretty good on the skin. On top of that, I've thrown it in the washer and dryer enough times to know that it holds up (for me at least.)
I've also been through many pairs of cheap pants that frayed and threads came out at the sames before trying these from Express. I find that these hold up well in the wash too (again, at least they do for me.) I've only tried Express' 'Columnist' pants. They're a little loose around the waist, so I had to get them taken in. To me, the alterations were well worth it, if I don't have to keep buying new pairs of pants. I should really learn how to sew, take things in, hem stuff, etc. 

Pimkie Cowl-Neck Sweater (eyeing this one)
Old Navy Flats

I purchased this sweater from a Pimkie boutique when I was in France several years ago when I was studying abroad and it's lasted me through many wears. Unfortunately, the material is getting pretty used and abused though and it's seen better days.

For comfort, I've been accumulating more flats. I'm really not one to run around cemented streets in heels. In my experience, I find cheap flats to be more comfortable than pricier ones. Either the cheap ones or the super expensive ones that I've only tried on in department stores seem to be the most comfortable for me. Since I don't want to spend that much on a pair of flats (yet), I'll go for the cheap ones. Maybe it's because I find that canvas just agrees with my feet? 
lol anyways, these from Old Navy have a faux leather outer with a pebbled texture, which make them look less cheap-looking than canvas, in my opinion. Also, it has an ankle strap that I've removed out of laziness, but I still find it quite versatile for changing up the look of the shoe.
As for size, Old Navy's size 6 is usually too big for me, so as usual, I put an adhesive heel pad to make them fit bitter and to prevent uncomfortable, painful rubbing against the back of my ankles.

 BCX Blazer
H&M Sweater
Express Pants
Old Navy Flats

J. Crew Blythe Blouse
Urban Outfitters Tights 
I love how opaque and warm these tights are. Great for chilly pre-dawn mornings.

Dress Barn Flats
I couldn't resist how cute these flats are. They were from Dressbarn. Surprisingly, I've never bought anything from Dress Barn before, but upon walking in for the first time, I saw these. They were only $9.99. They weren't available in my size, so I ordered a size 6 online and paid the $7 or so for shipping. 
Sadly, they're still too big, so I had to get some SUPER thick heel pads. These Profoot Care Heel Snugs are twice as thick as other heel pads I've tried. Very handy. Now I finally have striped flats for casual days when I want my feet to look a little more fun.

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  1. Thanks for sharing you photos. I love flats but find that I need to spend a lot to get the comfort.

    Cheap ones don't agree with me but I've not tried canvas ones yet.

  2. Pretty outfits :)

  3. Love your first outfit and the Old Navy flats! Simple outfits can be very chic also. I too keep it simple for work and rotate items...

  4. I like the shoes!
    Keep on bloggin.