Monday, February 20, 2012

Love for Lips - Nyx, Mattese Elite, Rimmel

I think I had gotten a bit obsessed with buying lip products for the last few weeks. Maybe the reason is that lipsticks are easy to get one of, sort of as a small, easy way to satisfy a spending urge.
Not too long ago, I visited this Asian store nearby that has a bunch of random stuff. I found out they sell a bunch of random cosmetics, mostly Nyx products. Since I didn't have any Nyx lipsticks, I looked over the Black Label lipsticks.. They were $6.99 each. I had meant to just buy one to try out, but I couldn't decide between these 3 colors, so I bought them all... =]
Nyx Black Label Lipsticks

I like the packaging. You just open up the top flaps, and push the tube out from the top and it slides out of the bottom. Also, the bottom of each tube shows what the color of the lipstick should look like.

One thing I don't like about the packaging is that sticker that indicates the name of the lipstick is on the cap. I prefer all informational writing specific to the product to be attached to the body of the product itself, like on the bottom of the tube or something. I get kind of neurotic about these things, because I could easily get confused and switch the caps. 
Colors are great. Pigmentation is amazing.
  • I really have to apply 'India' quite lightly, because the peachy nude color looks kind of salmon-orange on me, making me look like a cartoon.
  • Dusty Rose is the most wearable color, in my opinion, but still very noticeable color on me.
  • Tea in Afternoon is so beautiful, kind of dramatic and I think would be great for evening wear.

These next 3 lipsticks from Mattese Elite were purchased from when they had the Ricky's NYC Mattese Elite sale. The lipsticks usually retail for $10, but these were sold at $4 each. Again, I purchased 3. The raunchy names really got me. I like products to have humor in them. How could I not get 'Happy Ending,' 'Deep,' & 'Naked'? lol

Packaging also great. The cardboard on the outside has an open slot. I don't know what purpose that could possibly serve. I really like the matte charcoal tubes, with shiny black trim, even the ME written on the tube.
These have the name of the lipstick written on the bottom of the lipstick...excellent!

I've yet to try these lipsticks, but Happy Ending appears to be a bright hot pink. Deep is such a dark burgundy, it almost looks straight up brown. Naked is basic, flesh-toned color, very self-explanatory. 

Moving on... I liked the Black Label lipsticks a lot, so I decided to purchase what I think is one of the Nyx Round Lipsticks. They're all labeled 'Lip Smacking Fun Colors,' and that sounds a-okay to me.

The color selection was enormous and overwhelming, so to be honest, I selected 'Paris' because of the name. (I miss Paris...)



'Paris' also kind of says hot pink to me, but in a milder way than the Mattese Elite - Happy Ending.

I love how all the Nyx products have that little symbol that tells you how long the product is supposed to last you before it goes bad.

These next 3 pictures are just meant to show sizing differences. I don't know how much a standard tube of lipstick contains, but I did notice that the ME lipsticks are probably the smallest ones I've ever owned. I don't mind, I like the petite size of it. In fact, I think someone like me needs cosmetic products in all mini or travel size, since I hardly ever use anything up.
So here's how they size up.
  • Nyx Black Label: 0.15 oz.
  • Nyx Round (Lip Smacking Fun Colors): 0.14 oz.
  • Mattese Elite: .11 oz.

NYX Round vs ME
Black Label, Round, ME
Looks like the reception bars on cell phones, right? (Cingular bars, remember?)

About a week ago, Rimmel was BOGO 1/2 off at Walgreen's. Since, I had wanted to try Nude Delight for a while, I decided to finally buy it and the Comfortable Nude lip gloss.

I hope this is the last nude lip product I ever buy. One could only tell if you swatch them all side by side.

Now I hope I stop buying lip products in general, because it'll take me a while to get through just the ones I showed here.

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